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My America, In Photos

Capturing the beauty of America while on the road, deep in it, is one of the more rewarding challenges of solo travel. Logistically, it's not easy (especially with a 70-lb. Lab pulling on the leash much of the time), yet I'm pleased with the volume I was able to photograph. The photos in this gallery were all taken with my hybrid Sony a6000 camera. I make no claims to be anything more than an amateur photographer--it's a love of taking photos, preserving the moment, and hoping to do justice to the incredible landscapes I was standing in at a given time.

Among the locations in this gallery: Lake Champlain, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Salt Lake, Mt. Rushmore, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Big Sur, Monterey, Alisomar Beach, Venice, Lubbock, Nashville, and the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.

The photo of Pearl leaping across the sand was taken at Montrose Beach in Chicago on a spectacular 90-degree day. The photo of the deer was taken at sunrise in Midway, Utah. The elephant seals were photographed at Point Piedras Beach, just south of Big Sur and a few miles from San Simeon Castle.

I hope you enjoy them--I sure enjoyed taking them.

Peace & love,


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