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Who the hell is Gins, and why is he spending a month on the road with his dog criss-crossing the United States? Well, there's this: 

My name is David Ginsburg. I'm a 45 year old guy from Worcester, Ma (aka "The Kingdom"), and I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream with this trip. I read 'On The Road' at 12, and ever since, I've wanted to jump in the car and dive into America (sans benzedrine and be-bop). 

My father, Elliott, died in October 2015 after a long, slow and brutal illness. I was here for every day of it, including 10 months of home hospice care. When he first fell into the grip of his illnesses (heart disease, kidney failure, advanced prostate cancer), we were having one of the few deep heart-to-heart conversations we'd ever shared. In the midst of it, as I was sharing with him my dilemma about quitting a job I'd only recently started because it was miserable, he looked at me and said "Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. Do what makes YOU happy David." 

I've managed to have had a few careers already. A family wholesale business. Commercial radio. A social media marketing consultancy. I've worked from home for a few years and put my life on hold for two years to take care of my dad--and my first Lab, Maxine, who died of cancer just 5 weeks after my father passed away. 2015 was a tough year, man. 


This trip is as much an internal journey as it is a physical one. The next phase of my life needs meaning. I'm not married.  I don't have kids. My overhead is low. So I'm taking a month of and with my dog Pearl, and heading balls-first into America.


The road is long and filled with risk. Detours promising enlightment and dead-ends. The journey will include time with old friends and a chance to make new ones along the way. There will be long drives in silence as the ghosts of girlfriends past haunt my road-hypnotized mind. There will be laughter and music too. There will be a rejuvenation of the spirit and another layer of depth added to the soul. 


Come along with me. 

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