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Utah Sunrise

Sunrise over the mountains outside of Salt Lake City, a sight so awe-inspiring that I audibly gasped upon reaching the top of Crater and took in the full 360º view of it. Pinks and blues and oranges; astonishing streaks of yellow sunlight bursting through an endless flow of thick fluffy clouds. Moments like this are to be treasured.

I felt uplifted; the cool mountain air and stunning views calming the turbulence in my heart. Nature can stop us in its tracks with its sheer beauty, and this morning was one such moment. There is only this moment in time, and though I may be alone--and I am very much alone--I am connected to the world, and that connection is filled with possibility. Love and hope and faith and redemption and forgiveness and fulfillment, all are possible. These are what I seek.

This trip is not an easy one. The road gets lonely, the mind wanders and the heart aches. The truth is that my broken heart has not yet healed. It will, in time. I've survived everything in my life; I'll get past this too. I'm stronger now than ever.

Watching the sunrise this morning, thinking of her, thinking of all that could have been and won't be, proved to be a peaceful experience. There's a sunrise every day. We get a chance each day to do something great, to do something different, to take a chance.

Watch the sunrise. Remember your good fortune. Breathe deeply and let go. This is what I'm doing different today.

Peace & Love, David

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