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The Road Is Truth

Today, 9/12/16: Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Rapid City.

The sky is bigger, the clouds and the cows closer, and The Badlands beckon.

The road can be a lonely place, yet it's a truth-teller. The truth about myself; my heart, my passions and my fears. The truth about love lost, love missed, unrequited love.

The truth about America, about the magnificence and the desolation sharing the same twisting highway. The truth about who we are; shining cities rising out of the plains and Great Lakes; dying towns with a heavy air of desperation, of the daily struggle for survival.

The divisions fracturing America into a thousand splintered stars and stripes fomented by media and political establishments on the coasts are not truth-tellers. They simplify and distort, twist and shout, distract and deceive.

We are not this. We are better than this. Aren't we?

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